What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online streaming service which allows users all over the world to watch the best movies, TV Shows, documentaries, Stand-up Comedy specials, etc. There are new shows, movies, documentaries, etc added every now and then, which keeps the users hooked to Netflix 24×7. Whenever you are browsing Netflix, one thing is for sure; you will discover some new content. 


You need to buy a Netflix account to stream and download all the video content. Without buying a Netflix account, you will not be able to avail these services. Netflix gives a 30-day trial period to the users which is free of cost. There are multiple plans available and you can choose the best one for your needs. The plans are: 

  • Basic Plan

The first plan is the Basic Plan where you can watch Netflix on 1 screen at once, at SD Quality. It is the cheapest plan available. 

  • Standard Plan

Standard Plan is the upgraded plan in which you can watch Netflix on 2 devices simultaneously and you can watch your content in HD Quality, whenever it is available. HD quality is not available in Basic Plan. 

  •  Premium Plan

Premium Plan is the most expensive plan which Netflix offers to the users. Under this plan, you can watch your content on 4 screens simultaneously as opposed to 2 screens or 1 screen. Under this plan, you also get to watch your content in HD and UHD 4K quality, whenever available. 

You are allowed to change your plan whenever you wish to. 

TV Shows & Movies

Netflix offers a vast library of content to their users all over the world which features award-winning content. The content offered by Netflix is different in each region. That means if you are from The United States, you will have different content than the person sitting in Australia. You can also download various movies and TV Shows to watch them when you are offline.